Where Is Shein Located?

You’ve seen Shein products all over social media, and now you’re wondering: Where is Shein located? If so, you are not alone.

In fact, finding the brand’s location can be tricky, even when browsing its website.

The company has its headquarters in China, with large offices in the United States and Singapore.

But Shein has a global presence, with warehouses and offices worldwide. Most of these locations act as distribution centers, as Shein operates as a worldwide online retailer.

That means Shein currently doesn’t have physical stores. This allows it to keep up with global demand and reduce delivery times.

This guide will offer an inside look into where Shein is located. Keep reading to discover more.

Where Is Shein Located? 

Shein has key locations in China, Singapore, and the United States. However, to ensure timely delivery, it operates warehouses and offices globally.

Therefore, Shein is technically located on almost every continent. 

Its primary warehouses are stationed in Germany, France, Australia, America, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, and the Middle East.

But its biggest warehouse is in China, from which the bulk of its orders are shipped. 

In addition to its physical locations, Shein operates a large, active online community through its website and social media.

This enables shoppers from around the world to stay connected. They are apprised of new products, sales, and other company news here.


Shein is a global clothing retailer with its headquarters in China and main offices in Singapore and the US.

The company also has warehouses and offices in other parts of the world. This allows Shein to meet its high customer demand.

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We hope this guide has given you a clear picture of its global reach.