Richard Petty’s Net Worth

Famous for his unbroken NASCAR record, many may wonder what Richard Petty’s net worth is.

Moreover, the driver retired from the sport in 1992, and it would be interesting to know how he is doing financially.

Richard Petty is a well-renowned American NASCAR race driver. His racing career started in the 1960s, and he won several achievements from the 1,184 races he participated in.

He holds the record for the most successful wins in the NASCAR Cup series, with 200 wins. His net worth stands at $65 million.

Read on to learn more about Richard Petty and his net worth.

Who Is Richard Petty?

Born in July 1937, Richard Petty is an American retired NASCAR driver. He was born to a NASCAR driver and pioneer, Lee Arnold Petty, and his mother was called Elizabeth Petty. Richard has a brother, Maurice, who is also a NASCAR personality.

He attended and graduated from Randleman High School in the 1950s and later joined Greensboro Junior College to pursue a business course.

Richard started working at his father’s firm, Petty Enterprises, in 1956, alongside learning how to race. His NASCAR career began in 1958 when he participated in a race event in Toronto, Canada.

Richard came in second at the 1960 NASCAR Cup Series. He had his career breakthrough in 1963 following his wins at  Martinsville and Bridgehampton.

He had an excellent career run in the 60s, winning the Daytona 500 title in 1964, three championships, and 27 races.

Richard continued his excellent career run in the 70s, winning the Daytona title in 1971 and 1973.

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He also won the Champion Cup Series in 1971, 1972, 1974, and 1975. In 1984, Richard marked his 200th win in the NASCAR Cup Series, an unbroken racing record. 

He retired from professional race car driving in 1992. However, he continued appearing in NASCAR races and became a team owner, managing several drivers, including his son Kyle Petty.

What Is Richard Petty’s Net Worth?

Knowing Richard’s net worth can benefit many NASCAR fanatics as they wonder how the retired driver is doing financially.

Moreover, he has spent over three decades in retirement. His current financial position can inspire those who look up to him.

You can calculate the net worth of Richard Petty by taking his assets minus his liabilities. He owns a 19-acre land in Randleman, North Carolina that houses his 7,000-square-foot home.

Additionally, he has a 90-acre ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. Other assets include a garage and car modification business in Level Cross. His liabilities remain undisclosed.

Richard’s net worth stands at $65 million. This wealth comes from his excellent career as a professional NASCAR driver, brand endorsements, and other ventures like being a color commentator on CBS and acting. 


Richard Petty came into the limelight in the 60s to 90s for his excellent NASCAR performances. Over his career run, he bagged several awards and got inducted into NASCAR’S Hall of Fame.

The career driver married Lynda Owens in 1958, and they had four children, Kyle, Rebecca, Sharon, and Lisa. Unfortunately, Lynda succumbed to cancer in 2014.