5 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps That Experts Swear By in 2024!

Turns out that the Instagram account you want to check out is private. What to do now?

Well, you can always send them a follow request. But what if you don’t want to yet? 

Is there a way to view their private Instagram account without their knowledge?

Yes, there is. We suggest you use the best private Instagram profile viewers. 

Private Instagram viewers are third-party software that lets you see a private account while remaining anonymous.

They bypass the Instagram security wall and let you monitor someone’s activity on their private account.

Viewing private Instagram accounts serves various purposes- from knowing more about your crush to protecting your loved ones.

Besides, several businesses leverage this hack to offer more personalized content to their audience. 

Top 5 Picks For Best Private Instagram Viewers 2023 

Here, we will discuss the best Instagram private viewers you can use and how to choose the best one for you. Let’s dig in!

1. Glassagram

Supported platformsAndroid, iOS, macOS, Windows
Pricing Starting from $14.99/ month for 12 months
Free planNot available (subscription-based model)
Refund policy14-day money-back guarantee

Glassagram is one of the best private Instagram profile viewers. The software lets you spy on any account anonymously.

Now you can check out private accounts without fearing getting caught. 

You can view their stories, newsfeed, IGTV, likes, comments, and even deleted stories. Glassagram also allows you to save videos (both stories and posts).

Moreover, the stories are visible for 48 hours instead of 24. 

It also displays hot likes, new following, new followers, and tagged posts of the targeted account.

Glassagram is famous for its no human-verification model, and you don’t have to complete a survey before using it. Anonymity and surveillance without any hassle!

Key Features

  • You can view multiple private Instagram accounts with a single dashboard. 
  • The stories- even the hidden ones- of the targeted profile are all available to view, along with their reactions and comments.
  • Glassagram offers a calendar view of the posting done by the account holder. So, you can seek out anything you want from any given timeline.
  • Anonymity is something Glassagram does not compromise at! You don’t need an Instagram account to use the account viewer. This way, you don’t get caught in the viewer list. 
  • Glassagram boasts itself on its 5-minute setup. Pay the subscription fees, set up your Glassagram account, enter the target profile username, and let the system provide you with details. 
View private accounts without revealing your identity.

Offers a demo version before you buy a subscription plan.

Real-time updates are available.

Glassagram features a user-friendly interface. 
Some features are excluded in the iOS version.

Limited features on the basic plan.

2. xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker
Supported platformsAndroid, iOS, macOS
Pricing Starting from $11.66/ month for 12 months
Free planNot available (subscription-based model)
Refund policy14-day money-back guarantee

xMobi is an advanced Instagram hacker tool that lets you view a private Instagram account through the dark.

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It means the account holder wouldn’t doubt that they are being watched. With xMobi, you can get every single detail of any account you want.

From private posts to followers lists to followers’ interaction (likes, comments, reactions), you can see everything.

Moreover, the software lets you access private chats, hidden stories, or media. Whether you want to look out for your kids or spy on someone else’s account, you can use xMobi discreetly. 

Key Features

  • xMobi prides itself on its ease of use. You don’t need any IT expertise to hack into an Instagram account. Just purchase the tool, enter the username, and you are ready.
  • This Instagram hacker tool provides full confidentiality. It does not let private account holders identify you by providing top-notch encryption.
  • Besides Instagram hacking, xMobi offers android and iOS phone monitoring with calls, messages, web, and location tracking.
  • xMobi works remotely, meaning that you don’t need the target device you want to watch nearby or have any connection with. 
  • You get all the information of your target profile within 10 minutes of entering its username. 
Easy interface for usersPhone monitoring options

Complete anonymity while viewing the profile.
Expensive monthly plan

An additional subscription is required for multiple device monitoring. 

3. eyeZy

eyeZy Instagram
Supported platformsAndroid, iOS, macOS, Windows
Pricing Starting from $14.27/ month for 12 months
Free planNot available (subscription-based model)
Refund policy14-day money-back guarantee

eyeZy is a top private Instagram account viewer and is a ground-breaking monitoring technology.

Primarily, eyeZy lets you keep a watch on their conversation on Instagram. It helps you track their activity on social media so that they are not endangered. 

With eyeZy, you can watch out for your kids and loved ones’ online safety.

This Instagram tracker ensures that your kids’ online activity is safe without making them feel their privacy is breached. 

With eyeZy, you can see Instagram profiles, newsfeeds, secret messages, pictures, and videos.

Moreover, all the information regarding time and date is provided, so you know when a message is sent or received. 

Key Features

  • eyeZy is an incredible mobile monitoring tool that offers surveillance on multiple aspects of a device. The company markets itself as the best parental control app. 
  • Magic Alerts in eyeZy alert you when predefined keywords appear in a conversation. This way, you don’t have to waste your time watching every single message that might not even be dangerous.
  • Besides Instagram chats, eyeZy lets you access conversations on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Tinder, Line, and Viber.
  • eyeZy has a simple onboarding process. Choose your membership plan and follow the instructions to install the tracker on your targeted device. Now log in to your eyeZy account to get detailed activity reports. 
  • eyeZy Instagram tracker also has a location tracker that lets you trace your target’s location even when they are not using the app.
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Invisible Shield hides the app icon, so the target does not know the tracker. 

A single dashboard for multiple monitoring activities. 

Reasonably priced with discounts on the first purchase. 

Simple setup and navigation. 
Data syncing takes a long time.

Additional payment for tracking multiple devices. 

4. mSpy

mSpy Instagram Tracker
Supported platformsAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, macOS
Pricing Starting from $9.92/ month for 12 months
Free planAvailable with limited features
Refund policy14-day refund policy

Whether you want to monitor your kids’ activity on Instagram, spy on a suspicious spouse, or check anyone’s account, mSpy is a remarkable tool.

It is a top-notch phone Instagram tracker that lets you bypass Instagram privacy wall with rooting or jailbreaking. 

You get access to all the information and activities of an Instagram account, including pictures, stories, videos, and posts.

It even allows you to view deleted posts, comments, and messages.

Besides Instagram, you can check their activity on other social networks, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Line, and Tinder.

Moreover, mSpy offers calls, text messages, browsing, and location tracking.

The best part is that no one has to know that you are tracking their online activity- complete discretion!

With an easy interface, multi-lingual support, and an interactive dashboard, mSpy is among the best.

Key Features

  • mSpy features a top-class dashboard organizing multiple monitoring activities. Along with social media activity, it reports to you about text messages, calls, browsers, and locations.
  • Easy installation and setup with simple steps. Moreover, it does not show the app icon on the target device, hiding that there is a tracker installed.
  • Your control panel updates remotely every five minutes regarding the device’s activity.
  • The activity information or report of the target devices is protected by encryption and only available to you.
  • mSpy offers a free plan with limited features, including social media tracking, GPS, keylogger, and phone monitor. 
Free planYour identity remains anonymous to the target device.

Easy and intuitive interface.24/7 customer support.
Subscription plans are expensive.

The family plan supports only three devices.

5. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App
Supported platformsAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Windows, macOS
Pricing Starting from €11.24/ month for 12 months
Free trialYes
Refund policy14-day refund policy

If you want a private Instagram profile viewer app that offers additional monitoring features, then uMobix is for you.

It is an incredible phone tracking app that allows you to watch the target device’s activity without informing the owner.

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This tracker also tracks text messages, calls, locations, and other social media apps. So, it is particularly useful for parents to monitor their kids’ activity on their devices. 

With uMobix, you can access the Instagram account, including pictures, posts, stories, and chats.

You get real-time updates every five minutes tracking the activity of the target via screenshots.

It also provides access to deleted information, such as messages, contacts, pictures, or videos.

You can also manage and control the target device by blocking specific websites, deleting phone numbers, or restricting app access. 

Key Features

  • uMobix has a simple setup and installation process for iOS and Android devices. No physical access is required for an iOS device. Just provide the credentials, and the app will be auto-installed. 
  • Deleting information usually indicates something is fishy. This ground-breaking Instagram tracker lets you monitor deleted information to determine if your kid or loved one is troubled.
  • uMobix shows the online status of the target via a single green dot next to the Instagram icon. This way, you can monitor their activity in real time. 
  • It offers tracking on 30+ apps, including Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Skype, TikTok, and more. 
  • You can also manage your kid’s device by restricting access to certain apps or websites, deleting contacts or messages, or blocking WiFi networks. 
24/7 timely reporting with updates every five minutes.

GPS tracking provides the exact location.

Easy-to-use interface, providing all the details. Free trial available.
Some features are not available on iOS.

Quite expensive

Things To Consider Before Getting Private Instagram Viewers

Look out for these factors when deciding which private Instagram account viewers to get.


Depending upon your purpose, check if the tracker is related to Instagram only or goes beyond it.

If you are a parent worried about your kids’ security, go for software that provides phone and social media tracking. 


Before installing a spy app on your loved one’s device, ensure it follows all the security protocols. Check if all the information is secured by encrypting and other security standards. 


Getting others to know that you are breaching their privacy is the worst thing to do to their trust in you.

Discretion is vital, so use a private Instagram account viewer that hides you well. 

Rooting Or Jailbreaking 

Look for private account viewers that do not require rooting or jailbreaking devices, as it requires professional assistance and will not be feasible at all times.


Ensure that the Instagram private account viewer is well within your budget and provides all the features you are looking for.

Also, check if it has any hidden charges or a trial period.

With these factors in mind, you can select the best Instagram viewer to spy on someone’s account without them knowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Private Instagram Viewers Secure?

Private Instagram viewers are safe to use. However, thoroughly understand the privacy policy of software before using it to avoid any breaches.

Also, keep your personal information secure and updated to minimize identity theft.

Is Third-Party Instagram Viewers the Only Way to Access Private Instagram Accounts?

No, you can access a private Instagram account in multiple ways besides using third-party software. Firstly, you can send the following request.

Another method to secretly watch a private account is through a fake account.

If you want images from a private Instagram account, try searching for the username in Google Images.

Does Using Private Instagram Viewers Cause My Device to Get a Virus?

The main reason behind getting viruses on private Instagram viewer apps is using untrusted apps.

Your device is always at risk of information theft or malware, so only get fully trusted and protected software.

As a rule of thumb, avoid websites or apps that ask for surveys and human verification because you will need to interact with the website, risking your security. 

Wrapping Up!

We encourage respecting and acknowledging everyone’s privacy.

But in this era of uncontrolled internet usage, safety is a big question mark on and off Instagram.

If you are concerned about the safety of your kids or loved ones and don’t want to hover over their heads all the time, these best private Instagram viewers are your go-to tools. 

Some software allows tracking/ monitoring beyond Instagram and reports all device activities to you.

They let you monitor their activity and information so you can take action if something is suspicious or dangerous!