How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Durables?

Job seekers commonly ask, “How many jobs are available in consumer durables?”. The simple answer is that many jobs are available in this industry.

Over 124 million households in the United States use appliances like gas stoves, ovens, television sets, etc.

The companies that produce these consumer durables employ workers regularly to speed production.

Over 3 million people are currently working in the consumer durables industry. Consumer durables sales accounted for 68 percent of the US GDP in the second quarter of 2022.

Plus, over 61.4% of the entire jobs in the manufacturing industry in January 2022 were in durable goods. This is more than the jobs available in construction and mining combined.

In this piece, we’ll walk you through the different jobs available in consumer durables, the growth rate of the industry, and more. Let’s begin!

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Durables?

There are tons of jobs available in consumer durables. A record of about $337 billion was noted in consumer expenditures in February 2022.

This also increased workers’ income in the consumer durables industries and other sectors. So, if you want to start a career path in this sector, below are some available jobs to consider.


Managers in the consumer durables industry are in charge of making sure that durable goods are made, marketed, and sold.

These include appliances, electronics, and furniture designed to last an extended period.

They work closely with different teams to ensure the timely production and development of products.

They also ensure the effective marketing of these products to potential customers and sold through appropriate channels. Below are some of the manager positions in the industry.

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Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to promote a company’s products or services.

They lead a team of marketing professionals and work closely with other departments for the success of their marketing campaigns. The average US marketing manager’s salary is about $142,000 annually.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is in charge of a company’s sales team. They set goals, provide direction and training, and evaluate performance.

Sales managers also develop and implement strategies to help the company reach its revenue goals. The median annual take-home of these folks is over $132,000.

Product Manager

A product manager is in charge of a company’s products from when they are first thought of to when they hit the market.

They work closely with teams from different departments to ensure the product meets the market’s needs and is a success.

These teams include engineering, design, and marketing. Furthermore, the product manager position is quite lucrative because they are well compensated.

Executive Manager

The executive manager oversees advertising, launch planning, and product marketing. They also manage all the company staff in charge of the company’s plan implementation.

Also, the executive manager, who is well-paid, evaluates the old and new client projects.

Human Resource Manager

This professional oversees all the administrative affairs of the organization. The HMR conducts all recruitments and interviews.

Also, they work with the top personnel to achieve the company’s vision. In terms of salary, they receive $115,105 on average.

Account Manager

The accounting department is the heart of any consumer durables company. The account manager oversees all the affairs related to the income and expenditure of the company.

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Their job involves completing many tasks, including being financial advisors and responding to clients’ demands. For this reason, they earn around $88,412 yearly.

Customer Success Manager

These professionals are saddled with the responsibility of sales conversations. Thus, they work to improve customers’ satisfaction with the company’s products and staff.

Customers will be willing to come back for more when they are well satisfied. These professionals receive good pay in the US; every company needs them.

Media Planner

The media Planner puts the company or brand in front of the world through the media.

Therefore, they are responsible for creating marketing content and deciding the appropriate advertising media outlet. In the US, the annual salary of these professionals is over $79,000.

Administrative Assistant

Every business has an administrative section, and the consumer durables industry is no different. There are many openings for an administrative assistant, as the work of an admin staff is never done.

They help transfer information to coworkers, attend meetings, prepare reports, and receive calls. Also, they receive an attractive salary.

Sales Representative

The main focus of every business is to make sales. This is also true for the consumer durables industry.

If you’re wondering what the job prospects are in consumer durables for sales representatives, the answer is tons.

Their responsibility is to pitch clients, make deals, and close sales. A degree in marketing or business is advantageous in obtaining this position.

Business Analyst

The consumer durable company’s business analyst analyzes the company to identify areas of flaw or pitfalls that require improvement.

It is time-consuming, but the payoff is well worth the effort. Every company that seeks to stand out from its competitors needs the services of a business analyst.

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So, if you’re looking at walking a career path in this direction, there are many opportunities.


There are tons of jobs available in consumer durables. However, it is pretty easy for you to access these jobs if you have the necessary skill set to help improve the company.

So, having a degree or master’s in business, management, etc., would be an added advantage in your career pursuit.


1.) Are There Work From Home Jobs In The Consumer Durables Industry?

No. The jobs available in this industry have to be done onsite. If you’re ready to start a career in consumer durables, take working from home out of your expectations.

2.) What Are The Average Working Hours Per Day In The Consumer Durables Industry?

This industry’s average working hours are between 7 and 10 hours. If you’re used to a 9 to 5 job, transitioning into this type of company will be easy.

3.) What Are Some Of The Major Companies Hiring In The Consumer Durables Industry?

Some of the biggest companies that hire people in consumer durables are those that make cars, electronics, and computers, like Apple, among other things.