CBDistillery Review: What to Know Before Buying

CBDistillery is a CBD company, which hit the market in 2016 and has become one of the biggest names in the CBD industry and a leader of the CBD craze in the US. The company has grown at a remarkable rate, making a 70,000 dollar profit from orders only in its first week. Today they have thousands of testimonials to show for their great work. Their products are praised as safe and easy to use. The company itself focuses a great deal of attention to customer satisfaction.

CBDistillery meets the best quality standards up to date. Their products are made from Non-GMO, organically grown industrial hemp. The hemp itself is grown in the great outdoors of Colorado under natural sunlight, without any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemical chemical additives. The company itself uses a third party laboratory to test the quality of all of its products and makes sure that only the best quality product reaches the customers. On top of that, their hemp is certified by the US Hemp Authority.

The company is expanding its product selection with constant innovations, making sure that its products are of the best quality on the market. They offer products with full spectrum hemp oil, as well as with CBD isolate oil. The variety of products they have is truly great including CBD Oil, CBD Isolates, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Topicals, CBD Vapes, THC-free CBD, and even CBD products specially designed for your pet.

What sets the company apart from the competition, is their mission statement to deliver the best CBD products at the most affordable prices, truly making customer care a top priority! They take it to the next level with their very own #CBDMOVEMENT.

“The #1 all around CBD company for every type of product with consistent exceptional quality and service”


CBDistillery is a company that was started in Denver, Colorado by a group of Colorado natives who had a profound vision about providing the best CBD products at a fair price to everyone. The company started out in 2016 and has grown immensely, making a profit of 70,000 dollars just in its first week. At that point the founders knew, that they were on to something special. From a small local company, they have transformed into the leaders of the CBD craze. They are known for being one of the best at what they do. They are vertically integrated, which means that they have internalized the entire work process. From growing their own hemp, making their own oils, testing their products out in a third-party laboratory and then delivering them to customers. They have built up a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction that stands on more than 6000 testimonials. The main strengths of their products are their competitive prices and outstanding healing qualities, as well as the great variety of products that they offer.

They use domestically grown industrial hemp-based in Colorado. The hemp plants are grown without any pesticides, herbicides or any harmful chemicals in the outdoor spaces using natural sunlight. Their hemp is completely organic and non-GMO, moreover, it is tested by a third party lab, and the lab results are sent with each product, guaranteeing its quality. The CBD itself is extracted using the CO2 method to assure its purity. CBDistillery offers a wide variety of products including both full spectrum CBD and pure isolate CBD. The full spectrum containing all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and utilizes the entourage effect of all of them working together including CBD, CBN, CBG and more. CBD isolate, on the other hand, is made only from hemp seeds and is purified and contains zero THC, which means that users shouldn’t worry about drug tests and can enjoy the maximized benefit of pure CBD. Their variety of isolate CBD products include oils, tinctures, softgels, vape pens, carts, e-liquids, CBDab Slab & Powder, CBDelicious, Terpsolates, and Gummies. Their full spectrum products also include oils, tinctures, topicals, lip balm, capsules, softgels as well as CBDays suppositories.

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They have built a massive CBD delivering network, partnering with over 2000 retailers nationwide including medical/healthcare offices, independent pharmacies, wellness centers, convenience stores, and head/smoke shops, which help them deliver over 5 million units worldwide. Their network of retailers has spread to a large number of states including Hawaii and Alaska. CBDistillery also partners with a number of retailers in Canada and they also maintain a European branch situated in London. The company provides shipments to every state with the exception of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, using USPS and it usually takes between 3-7 business days for orders to reach their final destination. They also take care of the shipping costs for orders above 75 dollars. On top of that, they offer an extra 10% discount to any veterans, police officers or medical emergency teams to thank them for their service to the country and also deliver to domestic military bases.

What sets them apart is that they are not just the next profit-driven company that’s just out to make a buck. They genuinely give the impression that they care about their customers and make it their utmost priority to deliver the best products and the best experience at the best prices! They make it their mission to bring CBD to the masses, to make it affordable, to spread awareness and to make it acceptable to the public. They try to educate their customers, by giving them access to research and testimonials of other CBD users. They try to remove the social stigma around CBD, which has been closely associated with THC and Cannabis. CBDistillery doesn’t want just to sell CBD, it wants to create a society of CBD users and is pursuing this goal through the #CBDMOVEMENT which is one of their patents. They have made sure that this society is highly inclusive, employing brand ambassadors from different spheres of life, from UFC fighters to comedians, who all raise awareness about CBD and its benefits. It’s also remarkably easy to join the #CBDMOVEMENT as a retailer. To become one, you need a resellers license, a business ID and cover the order minimum, which CBDistillery has set at only 500 dollars to make an entry for new retailers as easy as possible.  The company has been a driving force behind CBD legislation in a number of states and has genuinely taken the role of the vanguard of CBD.

The whole company is run by a small team of less than a hundred people and the current CEO Chase Terwilliger has been running the company and steering it into good weather. Chase is a Minnesota native and has lived in Colorado since 2004. He has a background in the technology industry and is definitely one of the driving forces in the company. His favorite part of the job is reading the  testimonials of the customers his company helped.


While conducting our research about CBDistillery it immediately became clear to us that this company truly deserves all the praise that it has received. Wherever we looked – news and research articles, youtube reviews, interviews, customer reviews and testimonials it was always the same story – great quality product, affordable prices, extremely good service, genuine care for the well-being of customers, offering a great variety of products to tackle any individual needs that can arise. These are the reasons why this company stands where it is today – at the top of the CBD food chain. Here is a list of highlights, which goes into more detail.

  • Vertically integrated – CBDistillery is ahead of most of its competitors due to this single fact. Vertical integration means that the company controls the entire production process. From seed to sale, they don’t have to rely on any foreign products or outsource key tasks. By having total control at every step of the production process, they can ensure the best quality products at the most competitive prices, as it allows them to minimize production costs and focus on customer satisfaction.
  • High quality – CBDistillery’s products are known as safe and easy to use. The purity of their oils, as well as their healing effects, have been praised by athletes such as Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis, Gordon Ryan, Josh Hinger, the Karate Hottie and more.
  • Veteran Discount – there is a 10% discounts on all products for anyone who has served in the military, police, firefighter or medical emergency units. The company thanks these people for their service!

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  • Domestically grown hemp – the hemp that CBDistillery uses is entirely domestically grown outdoors in Colorado. The hemp is organically grown, GMO- free, without any pesticides or other harmful chemicals. It is rigorously checked for any impurities and is certified by the US Hemp Authority.
  • Large product selection – the range of products which are offered is huge! The company works with Full Spectrum CBD, as well as with CBD isolate oils. Their products include CBD Oil, CBD Isolates, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Topicals, CBD Vapes, THC-free CBD, and also CBD pet products to help keep the health of your animal friend!
  • Affordable pricing – one of the key tenets of CBDistillery is to deliver CBD to the masses by making it affordable. They live up to the standard they have set up for themselves as their prices are one of the most competitive in the market.
  • Very informative website – regardless if you don’t even know what “CBD” is or you have years of experience, there is value in their website, as it offers insight on a variety of innovative products and ways to consume them. If you have any questions you can probably look for the answers in their detailed FAQ and Help Desk sections. One of the core objectives of the distillery is to educate their consumers and they do it well
  • Free shipping – the company offers free shipping on all orders above 75 dollars! Shipments arrive within 3-7 days in almost every part of the United States.

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Honestly, there is not much that one can criticize the brand for. During the holiday season, they have a zero cancellation policy on their orders which can occasionally lead to mistakes. Their hemp hasn’t been certified by the USDA, but that could be due to political reasons. They don’t have a money back guarantee but that is understandable, given the nature of their product and how it affects everyone differently. Returning orders can be tricky, as for orders that have not been returned after 7 days you don’t get your money back, but that is again understandable. These policies are aimed at easing the management of the business. Another point of criticism is that the leaders of the CBD movement are yet to start shipping  internationally officially.


CBDistillery offers a variety in the oils it uses – full spectrum oil, as well as CBD,  isolate oil.  With both types, there are gummies, capsules, oils, tinctures, topicals, vapes, and  pet products. Their gummies are vegan and offer an easy and delicious way to supplement CBD into your daily routine, containing 30 mg CBD per gummy and 30 gummies per pack. The gummies also have a variant which is rich in melatonin to help you with your sleep.  They offer 30ml tinctures of full spectrum CBD Hemp oil containing 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 mg of CBD, depending on your needs. Their Pet tinctures are also 30ml and contain 150 and 600mg of CBD. Their newer product lines include topicals such as salves and cream, as well as CBD lip balm, to be applied directly.


Overall, we found CBDistillery to be one of the best brands out in the market today. They are truly a professional and trustworthy company. Their products are unique in their healing qualities, as well as their affordable prices. However, the best quality of CBDistillery is their customer treatment, genuinely  caring for the well-being, healing and recovery of their patients in need, making the process of buying and consuming CBD as easy as possible for beginners. To finish it off, CBDistillery is not just a CBD selling company. It aspires to be the leader of the CBD movement today and is genuinely involved in civic participation and building a whole CBD society!

We can confidently recommend CBDistillery as a brand that can be trusted. Their products are accurately labeled, tested and exceptionally effective.

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