Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth

Prank video lovers may wonder what the famous YouTuber Kyle Forgeard’s net worth averages. He is renowned for co-founding the YouTube channel NELK and has amassed quite a following with his entertaining videos. Born in July 1994, Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian YouTuber specializing in prank videos. He was born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, to … Read more

Van Hunt’s Net Worth 

Due to Halle Berry’s recent post with her boyfriend, Van Hunt, many wonder what Van Hunt’s net worth is. He hit the airwaves for his cover of the song Family Affair in 2007 alongside John Legend and Joss Stone. Van Hunt is a musician known for his songwriting, producing, and singing talents. Hailing from Dayton, … Read more

Kevin Feige’s Net Worth

Known for directing mega-blockbusters like ‘Avengers End Game’ and ‘Black Panther’, many wonder what Kevin Feige’s net worth averages. Kevin Feige has built his reputation as a movie director and Marvel Entertainment’s president, and his net worth is worth looking into. Kevin Michael Feige was born in June 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Tim and … Read more

Nate Burleson’s Net Worth

Known for hosting the CBS Morning show, many wonder what Nate Burleson’s net worth averages. The former NFL star had an excellent run in his football career, and his net worth today is worth checking out. Born Nathaniel Eugene Burleson, Nate is a former NFL star and sports analyst. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, … Read more